Caring for Our Pets’ Health and Welfare

Caring for Our Pets’ Health and Welfare

We have an awesome responsibility to care for our pet dog or cat’s health, or both if we are doubly privileged. As the relationship grows and we bond, extra-special chemistry develops and More »

Caring for Cats and Dogs While We Are Away

Caring for Cats and Dogs While We Are Away

Our dogs and cats wish they could be with us forever, twenty-four seven. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and they may have to overnight without us. We know that animals are More »

Are Cats and Dogs Entertainment or Friends?

Are Cats and Dogs Entertainment or Friends?

Animals generally fit into one of three categories. First, they may be wild, untamed, and completely self-sufficient. Alternatively, they may be farm animals reared for their produce. These animals are partly tame More »


For the Love of Dogs and Cats

Welcome to the one-stop portal where you can find out everything you need to know about owning and caring for a cat or dog. These wonderful creatures are fun to own but they are more than entertainment. They also become our best friends. This website is about three main topics. Here is a handy road map to get you started.

Introducing the Joy of Animal Ownership

We begin by exploring the nature of the relationship. To help you decide whether it is better to share your life with a dog or cat or both, we delve a little deeper into their personalities and the companionship we should provide.

Daily Care We Should Provide Our Pets

Since our cat or dog is away from their natural environment we have some pleasurable tasks to do. Chief among these are grooming their lovely coats, providing the right food and ensuring they get their daily exercise.

Becoming Our Animal’s Mum or Dad

We are actually far more than our dog or cat’s ‘owner’. They give their lives entirely to us and we have a duty in return. We have a calling to watch carefully over their health, and to be mindful of who does this for us while we are away.

More About the Purpose of This Website

We hope to encourage responsible pet care and share the joy of having a cat or dog welcome us when we come home. We should remember that they look to us for their creature comforts. This website tells you how to do this.

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