Are Cats and Dogs Entertainment or Friends?

Animals generally fit into one of three categories. First, they may be wild, untamed, and completely self-sufficient. Alternatively, they may be farm animals reared for their produce. These animals are partly tame because they have to be to ‘earn their keep’. Thirdly, there are cats and dogs that have adopted us as their family.

Do Dogs and Cats Adopt Us? Are You Serious?

Yes we are, because we cannot command a dog or cat’s affection, although strangely enough they do sometimes seek it. Feral cats – domestic cats living wild – may single out a human and sit at the back door crying for attention and food. Those of us that adopt dogs at animal shelters have experienced an instant bonding that says ‘that’s my dog’ and ‘that is a human I want’.

Sharing One’s Life with a Dog or Cat

  • Dogs are high maintenance companions, because their ancestors were wolves that hunted in packs. They relied on their collective strength to hunt, and to protect themselves. Their worst moments are when their pack rejects them, because they cannot survive on their own. If you want a dog, have a huge amount of loving to give. Be the person your dog thinks you are, and you will receive a rich reward of unconditional love in return.
  • Cats, on the other hand are independent voyeurs of their own vanity. If you watch them in the feral state, how often do you see them share affection? They seem to live in parallel universes, don’t they? This is why dogs have owners, but cats employ humans to care for them. Unlike a dog, a cat will only give you affection when it wants something. Cats go best with owners who like to be independent too.

When deciding to share your life with a cat or dog understand these very different relationships. And be willing to adapt accordingly.

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