Caring for Cats and Dogs While We Are Away

Our dogs and cats wish they could be with us forever, twenty-four seven. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and they may have to overnight without us. We know that animals are territorial and experience emotional trauma when away from familiar surroundings without their owners. A visit to an animal shelter confirms this.

What Should I Do if I Have to Go Away

First prize would be to ask a carer to look after them in our own home, so they are in familiar surroundings. This is assuming our dog or cat cannot travel with us, which would otherwise be a five star solution. The carer could be a close friend or relative, or a third party that does it as a hobby or for a living. In the latter case, consider doing a background check to confirm your own impressions.

So Is a Boarding Kennel a Better Solution

It may be, depending on the quality of the facilities provided. It could be wise to choose one recommended by a professional pet care association. Most countries have them, along the lines of the Pet Industry Federation in the UK, and the American Kennel Club. Here are some questions to ask while deciding whether you can entrust your pet to a particular kennels:

  • Diet: Do they use pet foods that provide the vitamins and supplements your animal needs. Can you choose a particular brand or flavor?
  • Accommodation: Inspect the facilities personally. Are the rooms large enough and airy; is there a private place outside to stretch out?
  • Wellness: Will the kennel owner visit your pet daily to check everything is okay. What arrangements are in place for outdoor exercise?

If all these factors check out you are probably safe to use that particular animal hotel. It is best to hand them over at the entrance gate, although you may feel a little heart sore as you walk away.

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