Caring for Our Pets’ Health and Welfare

We have an awesome responsibility to care for our pet dog or cat’s health, or both if we are doubly privileged. As the relationship grows and we bond, extra-special chemistry develops and they begin to trust us completely. We would be remiss if we forgot that we have taken our animals from their natural environment. They are away from natural medications in plants. This we must play doctor on their behalf.

The Essential Role of a Good Veterinarian

Since dogs and cats cannot speak, we must look for other signs that they may be unwell. Going off their food for several days is a warning sign: Also if their movements are awkward, or they whimper in pain. If we think they may be ill we must take them to a veterinarian we trust as soon as possible. Never, ever give your animal human medication. This could cause their symptoms to become worse.

A Healthy Life Style is Best for Your Beloved Pet

Cats and dogs are generally robust creatures. They may go through life in a healthy state that makes us feel quite jealous. We can encourage health by feeding them a balanced diet that provides the nutrients and minerals their bodies need. While regular exercise is helpful, our love for them is essential. Animals are touchy-feely creatures that communicate with their bodies. Learn to caress them, while reassuring them how important they are to you.

Planning Ahead for Our Pet’s Old Age

Cared-for pets often outlive their ‘design lives’ because they are spared the trauma of living in the wild. However as they age, they can develop the same issues as humans do. Professional assistance is available to ensure your pet lives a long a happy life. Consider investing in pet medical insurance. It can cost surprisingly little to have peace of mind.

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