How Cats Keep on Being Cats

Cats have done a remarkable job of taming humans down the centuries. Over 5,000 years ago they were already hunting mice in Chinese granaries. Even earlier, a Neolithic man was buried with his cat. They are still as smug as ever as their ‘owners’ try to figure them out. We believe the best way is to let them keep on being cats as the Egyptians did a long time ago.

How the Ancient Egyptians Treated Cats

Cats, as we know, will keep on being cats until eventually we accept this. There are currently 500 million cats worldwide, with at least 500 million family members trying to figure them out. Around 5,000 years ago, the Ancient Egyptians decided they were so smug they must be minor gods. The cats presumably approved of this because Egyptian gods could do exactly as they wanted.

So the priests discovered a cat goddess they called Bastet. She had her own temple where they celebrated annual festivals to the glory of cats. The priests were so overrun by the cat population they might have bribed them with chocolate chip muffins for peace and quiet. There is a vast cemetery outside the town with thousands of mummified cats. That’s the exact same way they buried their pharaoh rulers.

How to Get On Well With a Cat

Cats are smug because they know they are extra special. They want us to admire and appreciate them, the way their ancestors were in temples. To get on well with cats is easy. Just appreciate they are not dogs. They are free creatures. Living with us suits them.

As long as we treat them well and feed them food they want they will stay, and all will be fine. Just be the person they want you to be, and they will even snuggle up with you at night. Then you have the experience of a special creature sleeping by your side because it wants to. So now you know the mystery of cats and why they are so superior.

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