How to Exercise Cats and Dogs

Animals need a healthy lifestyle, as much as you and I. By this, we mean quality food, healthy exercise, not too much stress, and a good sleep at night. However, dog and cat exercise routines are different because their personalities are not the same. Thus we need separate solutions for each.

Dogs and Cats are Opportunistic Hunters

Our ancestors were hunter-gatherers with ongoing opportunities for exercise. Wild dogs and cats likewise spent their time stalking and chasing prey. Their metabolism developed around the premise that they would have plenty of exercise each day. Like us, they easily become overweight if they eat too much and become couch potatoes.

Dog and Cat Exercise Plans are Very Different

Dogs are social creatures. In the wild, they exercise in packs by running together and playing tag games. If their pack rejects them, they slink away and could die of sorrow. Cats, on the other hand prefer to be on their own. They can be antisocial with their own kind. Sometimes they have hissy fits fighting over food and toys.

An Exercise Plan for a Cat

Cats are perfectly happy to be left alone while we are at work or out shopping. They just need their bowls of food and water, sunshine, and a scratching post to keep them happy. A few mobile toys hanging from the ceiling completes their idea of cat heaven.

The Only Way to Exercise a Dog

Dogs think that we are dogs, and adopt us in their tribe. After that, we have a power struggle, but that is another story. Because of their pack mentality, they have difficulty exercising on their own indoors. There is only one solution to this dilemma. We have to take them for a walk outside and exercise ourselves while we do. To dogs, this is dog heaven.

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