What is the Right Food to Give Dogs and Cats?

The short answer is not the food we eat, although there is no harm in dishing our occasional treats in the form of scraps from our plates. Dogs, and cats and humans have different metabolisms requiring different vitamins and essential nutrients. For example, cats develop heart disease without the amino acid taurine, while dogs make their own.

Can I Feed Cat Food to My Dog?

Some dogs go off their normal food after they polish off the cat’s. Dogs are fussy eaters and we should not over-spoil or over feed them. A dog can survive on a cat food diet, but they can become overweight in the process. Cat food has generous amounts of calories and proteins. Moreover the high fat content can be bad for dog tummies.

In the wild, dog ‘cousins’ live off a diet of meat and bones. The meat provides the nutrients, while the bones massage their gums and keep their teeth clean. Dog pellets come in different sizes to provide a similar service. However, cat pellets are far too small to do the job, so cat food is a bad idea for dogs.

So Is Dog Food Okay for Cats?

Some cats just love commercial dog food, and will raid Fido’s food bowl when they have a chance. However dog food should not form a cat’s basic diet and this is not just because of taurine. Cheaper dog foods can lack Vitamin A because dogs can make do with beta carodene. Cats need the real thing. Moreover a low-protein diet can be downright dangerous for kitty.

Cats are not small dogs. Dogs are opportunistic feeders that will eat most anything when hungry. When your dog eats grass, they may be topping up on nutrients. Cats can only get their essential nutrients from meat and protein. Consequently, vets recommend 26% protein in cat food, but only 18% for dogs. Our pets rely on us. Let’s give them the best.

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